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Free online cribbage card game

Click here for how to play
Click here for cribbage game rules and strategy
Click here to download for free cribbage demo
Cards take 1-2 minutes to load when many people are playing.
If cards do not load close, open the page in a new window.

There is a short delay in game play. Click on cards to start game.
In this game the left set of holes is use by the computer, and the right set by the human player.
Click on auto peg, checking the box, to have computer compute score.
Manual: To move your peg click on the lower peg and drag the peg to the new position. If your score
is 6 you would move the peg up six holes (counting the hole the other peg is in), then click on done button. Warning
I had problems with manual working every time. I recommend using the auto peg.
Click here for how to play
cribbage java game by Rossi Engineering