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Free online Mah Jong - Border

Programs require a Java enabled browser. With the latest Java 7 Update 51, you may need to add to the "Exception Site List" on the Security Tab of the Java Control Panel and change the security level from "high" to "medium" only if you still have a problem. How To access the Java Control Panel. Click on the Security Tab and move the slider to Medium, this will allow the puzzle applet to load with security prompts. You can also add to the Exception Site List while on this same tab. Click Apply and then click OK. More help
Click on a version below to play
See below for instructions.
This game is more challenging than Mah Jong - Solitaire.

Mah Jong - border is simple: just click on two matching tiles (with the same pictures) which are ALSO ON THE SAME SIDE. Click the first tile, than the second tile and so on. If two selected tiles match, they disappear. Selected tiles are highlighted. You may select only tiles which have at one end side free (not touching another tile). If the two selected tiles match they disappear from the screen. The goal of Mah Jong - Border is to remove all the tiles from the board. If no more matches are available, the game is over.
If you try to select two tiles that do not match, an error sound will play.
To play again click on the replay button.
This game is also called Szechwan, Shichuan,Shisenso and Four Rivers
mah jong border