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Free online 21st Sokoban game

Programs require a Java enabled browser. With the latest Java 7 Update 51, you may need to add to the "Exception Site List" on the Security Tab of the Java Control Panel and change the security level from "high" to "medium" only if you still have a problem. How To access the Java Control Panel. Click on the Security Tab and move the slider to Medium, this will allow the puzzle applet to load with security prompts. You can also add to the Exception Site List while on this same tab. Click Apply and then click OK. More help
Click on a version below to play
Instructions below.

Instructions: Push all of the balls balls.gif (1065 bytes) onto the the baskets holders.gif (1065 bytes) into the corner of the screen. Click on the space you want the man man.gif (1194 bytes) to move to, then press the arrow key on your keyboard to move the man to this location.

Rules: The man  is only allowed to get behind the balls and push them, not pull. Only one bundle of balls can be pushed at a time.  All balls must be moved onto baskets to win.


  • Don't move too quickly, you might get into a no-way-out-move.
  • Sometimes it is necessary, to push balls around in order to make room for other balls.
  • Think about which places are easy to reach and which are not. Push balls that are in hard-to-reach places first
  • Sometimes you have to place balls near target-positions, then make other moves before pushing the ball into the position.
  • Trial and error will not give you many wins. Analyze the problems thoroughly before moving.
  • Patience and practice are the most valuable abilities when solving 21st Sokoban problems. 

Sokoban game